Vince DeMiero 1st Legislative District Representative Position 1 Democrat


How’s your commute to work? Are you able to access public transportation? While my commute to Mountlake Terrace High School from my home in Brier each day is convenient, I’m frequently out and about during peak commute times delivering my kids to school, sports or music activities, or I’m heading to meetings or running errands. Traffic congestion certainly has changed during the 33+ years I’ve lived in this area – and it doesn’t appear to be getting much better. Clearly, in order to maintain our economic viability and our collective sanity, we need to continue to address our transportation challenges with vision, creativity and some good common sense.

Transportation. We must address the near- and long-term transportation needs in this region if we want to maintain our quality of life, increase economic viability and be good environmental stewards. We must take seriously new ways of managing development so that we create less of a need for vehicular traffic within our communities, while also expanding the options for regional public transportation. Visit just about any other major metropolitan area in our country and you’ll find that despite initial challenges and opposition, acceptance and use of effective public transportation is nearly universal. For example, I love visiting Portland and recently had the opportunity to take a group of students there for a national journalism convention. From the moment we arrived in the Rose City by train, we quickly navigated the TriMet MAX light rail system and for the four days we were there, none of my students used anything else to get around. Certainly, I’ll do all I can to make sure that the Link Light Rail system and the other Sound Transit initiatives reach our communities as soon as possible.

Infrastructure. The issue of transportation is a part of a broader conversation we must have on improving our district’s infrastructure. Sure, roads and freeways need continual attention and maintenance, but so do sewer treatment plants, storm drains and fiber-optic networks. These critical systems become even more vital to us during economic downturns since their maintenance or creation can often be a source of employment. In terms of public safety, I’d also like to see more frequent and thorough examination of our roads, bridges, airports and other vital transportation systems and hubs in preparation for earthquakes and other likely challenges.

I’m proud to have received the endorsement of Vic Sood, Community Transit’s first Executive Director, and I look forward addressing our community’s transportation needs in Olympia.

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Vince DeMiero 1st Legislative District Representative Position 1 Democrat